LNG filling station

Liquefied Natural Gas is considered to be an attractive, ecological and economical alternative for both diesel and fuel for heavy transport applications and long distance transport. Switching to LNG significantly reduces emissions of particulate matter, SOx, NOx and CO2. A CO2 reduction of 10 to 20% can be achieved compared to diesel. In fact, when bio-LNG only is used, the CO2 reduction can even exceed 90%.
That is why Tankterminal decided to invest in LNG for trucks at its filling station in Lokeren. The multi-card LNG filling station is designed for four LNG dispensers and it also has the option to offer LCNG (Compressed Natural Gas from LNG) in the future.


The new LNG filling station at Tankterminal was built by LIQAL from Breda. The LNG filling station ensures the unlimited storage life of LNG in the storage tank. This is achieved via a BTU (Boil-off gas Treatment Unit or micro liquefaction), without the use of liquid nitrogen (N2). Tankterminal can offer the end users both cold (3-4 bar) and saturated (7-8 bar) LNG in addition to the existing fuels for trucks, diesel, AdBlue and red gas oil. This allows the ‘multi-fuel’ LNG filling station to supply all truck brands on the market (Volvo, Iveco, Scania, etc.) with LNG under the most optimal conditions. LIQAL will remain responsible for the technical management and maintenance of the LNG filling station. Refueling at the new LNG filling station is possible with the Romac Fuels fuel card. Meanwhile, additional fuel cards will be added soon. The following payment cards are also accepted: DKV, UTA, Maestro, MasterCard and Visa. Each customer can also request his or her own Tankterminal fuel card for LNG and diesel.

About Tankterminal nv

Tankterminal nv owns and operates tank cleaning facilities, including filling stations in Lokeren and Ghent as well as in Meer (Unidet nv). The company was founded in 1980 and its head office is located in Lokeren. Unidet nv (Meer), Tank Services Pernis (Rotterdam) are companies in Belgium and the Netherlands that belong to the same group. As a logistics service provider, the group, which includes Tankterminal nv, specializes in tank, silo and IBC cleaning, as well as in the heating and storage of tank (containers). The group focuses on both the national and international markets, and has customers (tank operators and producers) in the logistics and food/chemical industries.

For more information, please contact:
Olivier Willekens, Business Development Manager at Tankterminal, who can be reached at the e-mail address olivier.willekens@tankterminal.be or by telephone on
+32 474 83 70 74.