The waste water treatment plant (WWTP) of Tank Services Pernis
consists of:

- oil-/sediment separator for our CHEMICAL cleaning
- oil-/fat separator for our FOOD cleaning
- influent well and oil-/water separator
- 2x buffertanks
- physical-chemical treatment (coagulation and flocculation)
- sedimentation tank/Dortmund tank
- effluent well
- biological treatment (aerobic and anaerobic phases)
- effluent buffertank
- active-carbon filter to sewer

Centrifuges are dehydrating all sludges (primary/secundary) after which they are exported for incineration.

The waste water treatment plant (WWTP) of Tank Services Groningen consists of:
- influent well
- sediment separator
- buffer well
- oil-/fat separator
- effluent well
- sludge separator/belt thickener
- biological treatment (aerobic and anaerobic phases)
- active-carbon filter to sewer

The primary sludge slib is separated/dehydrated and exported for incineration.
The biological sludge is dehydrated by a belt thickener and beltpress and then exported.