Our DRY BULK cleaning bays are in accordance with the highest standards:

- Kosher (FOOD bulk)
- completely separated CHEMICAL and FOOD/FEED cleaning bays
- trained and experienced cleaners
- individual fall protection
- customer specific "tailor made" procedures incl. audits
- up to 100bar spinners
- steaming on spinners
- cleaning additives: detergent, acid, disinfectant,... (registered)
- drying on all cleaning bays (only TSP) + external bay with 2 dryers
- various provisions for connection on accessories, airlines,... 
- visual control (T01) and various tests after cleaning
  (VdF tests, ATP, pH, turbidity, peracitic acid test,...)
- datamonitoring FOOD (TSP)
- unaccompanied cleaning DRY BULK, on chassis with terminal truck (only TSG)

Classification of our DRY BULK groups:
1) Dry Bulk light (B1): plastics, granulates, PE/PP,… (inert dry bulk)
2) Dry Bulk medium (B2): salt, soda, grain/cereals, flour…
3) Dry Bulk heavy (B3): cement, clay, gypsum/plaster, (toxic) powders,…