Our FOOD cleaning bays are in accordance with the highest standards:

- Kosher
- completely separated FOOD cleaning bays
- trained and experienced FOOD cleaners
- individual fall protection
- customer specific "tailor made" procedures incl. audits
  (programming PLC, testing and validation)
- sanitation with approved/registered agents
- steaming on spinners
- drying on all cleaning bays (FOOD-grade F6 filter)
- visual control (T01) and various tests after cleaning
  (VdF tests, ATP, pH, turbidity, peracitic acid test,...)
- datamonitoring FOOD (TSP)
- unaccompanied cleaning (out of depot, on chassis with terminal truck)

Classification of our FOOD groups:
1) Food light (F1): juices, wine, alcohol, beverages, dairy, vinegar, citric acid,…
2) Food medium (F2): sweetners/sugars, (light) oils, glucose, lysine, glycerine, starch,…
3) Food heavy (F3): veg./animal fat, lecithine, stearine, cacao products, fatty acids,…